We play by a different set of rules

We are in the business of value creation. And because no two projects are alike, we use our particular skill set to devise and implement innovative strategies tailored to the specific needs and best interests of our partners. As a result, this value proposition may take a variety of forms and may comprise any and all phases of the development cycle – from initial concept to full build-out. From sustainable master plan to luxury resort to mixed-use urban redevelopment. Or even a two-hundred-thousand-acre conservation district, protected and managed in perpetuity. Because we are not confined by the traditional playbook, anything is possible.

“DMB Pacific Ventures is a real estate opportunity fund. And by that I mean, they have sources of capital combined with a team of people who can come in and partner with a landowner. They have the infrastructure, knowledge and ability to take a piece of dirt from A to Z. Their business model is a value creation model. They identify the steps along the road — the various exit ramps — where value can be created for the landowner.” GARY HUNT, Vice chair, california Strategies, llc

From A to Z

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Capitalization
  • Land acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Project visioning and design
  • Business plan & pro-forma development
  • Entitlement and/or re-entitlement
  • Political and community outreach
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Project implementation
  • Infrastructure design and construction
  • Vertical design and construction
  • Lifestyle programming
  • Financial reporting and monitoring

What sets us apart

  • Access to private capital

    We have formed close partnerships with Madrone Capital Partners and Argonaut Private Equity. As true partners who share our long-term, strategic objectives, they have provided us with the financial resources and the flexibility we need to pursue the largest and most complex projects in the region. When the opportunity is right, we have also worked with other capital providers, such as Oaktree Capital Management.

  • Securing entitlements

    Our approach involves patience and a lot of groundwork: partnering with community leaders, environmental advocates, local elected officials, and state and local regulators to develop creative solutions to complex land planning initiatives. This intensive approach has resulted in an enviable track record of securing entitlement approvals that provide for an alignment of interests and long-term development flexibility. This is especially important in light of the dynamic nature of the political and regulatory environment.

  • Engaging the community

    We have pioneered sophisticated and comprehensive community outreach, recognizing its value long before such engagement was mandated by local and state governments. Our community engagement processes have gained unprecedented project support and have significantly shortened the overall entitlement timeline.

  • Smart planning and design

    We have earned a national reputation for planning and entitling award-winning projects that balance great design with the goals of the local community, market feasibility and financial returns. We work in conjunction with our partners to assemble a team of professionals – leaders in their respective fields – to better understand the opportunities and constraints of each property.

  • Innovative lifestyle programming

    We are listeners. Observers. Place-makers. Lifestyle catalysts. When we envision a place, we ask ourselves, how does it live? How does it reward those who live and work here every day? How does it energize and enrich their lives? How does it treat the earth and the surrounding community? And will it mature gracefully, becoming even more desirable with time? We ask different questions – and end up with different answers.

  • Managing political and public campaigns

    While complex entitlement cases usually involve stakeholder outreach and community support, they occasionally require a broader consensus – obtained through grassroots campaigns and public votes. When warranted, we have successfully managed city/county-wide political campaigns to pass propositions and measures in support of our projects.

  • Navigating complex regulatory environments

    The Pacific Ventures® team has a long track record of developing strategies for and obtaining approvals of a variety of complex regulatory permits from local, regional, state and federal agencies. Members of the Pacific Ventures team remain in frequent contact with local and regional authorities to identify, monitor and influence proposed changes in legislation and regulations that may impact Pacific Ventures specifically, as well as industry-wide priorities. Our relationships include:

    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    • U.S. Department of Justice
    • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    • State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards
    • State and Regional Air Pollution Control Boards
    • Bay Conservation and Development Commission
    • California Coastal Commission
    • Various other local and State agencies
  • Collaborative environmental accords

    Over the years, our team has had the opportunity to work with different partners to pursue approvals for some of the most important land holdings in the Western United States including: DC Ranch/Silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona; Martis Camp in Truckee, California; The Ranch Plan in Rancho Mission Viejo, California; and Tejon Mountain Village in Kern County, California. In creating these extraordinary communities and maximizing the value of these assets, we have earned a noteworthy reputation of working collaboratively with a wide range of environmental and conservation entities including:

    • Conservation Biology Institute
    • Endangered Habitats League
    • League to Save Lake Tahoe
    • Mountain Area Preservation Foundation
    • National Audubon Society, Inc. dba Audubon California
    • Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Planning and Conservation League
    • Sierra Club
    • Sierra Watch
    • Trust for Public Lands

    Working with these and other stakeholders, the Pacific Ventures team was a key private-sector participant in the formation of the following exemplary environmental accords – building a foundation of trust that will carry forward and strengthen our position in future entitlement efforts:

    • The McDowell Sonoran Preserve
    • The Martis Fund
    • The Ranch Plan Settlement Agreement at Rancho Mission Viejo
    • The Tejon Conservancy